• Our Data Stories

  • Our Data Stories

Policy Development Research 

We offer data research solutions ideal for:

  • Campaign organisations
  • Retailers
  • Civil Societies
  • Councils & NGOs
  • Political parties

Developing policies that are right often depends on collecting and analysing a wide spectrum of collected data that may go back over time. The sheer volume of data makes it time consuming to draw out the learnings, and it is quite possible that the deepest learnings stay hidden.

For example in one study we undertook in the classic vehicle sector, was the return on the restoration of an old motorcycle higher if it was artfully customised, or whether the restoration wound up giving it the more original appearance. The result from a correlation study was very clear! The older the motorcycle, the more profitable a restoration to an original appearance became. But if the motorcycle was more recent, profit may come from artful changes to its appearance.

Another type of analysis we run is designed for when a big decision is required, there is a substantial amount of data, and it is hard to spot the principal story.

For example, an extended retail footfall survey aimed to discover what was the biggest influence that encouraged people to visit different amenities in a shopping arcade (mall). Was it the shopping, transport type, weather, the town in general, or something else. All seemed very important. A big budget advertising campaign relied on knowing the answer to this. By focusing on the wrong influence, response rates could be adversely affected. Our Principal Component Analysis combined with surveying yields the dominant influences, allowing cost-effective ad planning to proceed.


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