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  • Our Data Stories

Retail Data Liberation

Perceive and predict!  For any large in-town shop, capturing and interpreting information about visitors is crucial for future merchandising placements and promotional campaigns.

Solutions ideal for:

Countywide Retailer chains, Larger single site shops, Garden centres dependent on county or national footfall.

Are all the shoppers mystery shoppers?

Many shopkeepers suffer a data drought. Monthly numbers of visitors may be estimated, or, for those stores with the right tech, counted, and spends known precisely, but what is known about who they are and where they came from? From the shop's promotional campaigning, precisely what persuaded them to come to the shop today? And what didn't work? And what effects do the weather, or consumer confidence have on revenues? And how could knowing the answer to these questions galvanise return on investment?

And how much information from the shop's financial system is actually useful. The basic information is essential, sales, numbers, stock levels, replenishment cycles. What data does the system provide about product combinations? And how well are seasonal variations illustrated, next year's forecasts shown, or best times to launch a new product suggested?

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