• Our Data Stories

  • Our Data Stories

'Perceive & Predict' Membership Research

Our service to help you understand your members. Solutions ideal for:

  • Theatre audience profiling (Arts Council Audience Finder data enhancement)
  • Membership organisations
  • Civil societies
  • Political parties

Why do people join your membership organisation?

To be entertained, to learn, to help you make a difference in culture, politics and society. The answers seem obvious of course. But how might it help your membership count if you could really identify what is special about the people themselves that persuaded them to turn up? And how might these insights help you sell more event tickets and memberships and promote your organisation and venue to more satisfied attendees?

We survey your membership using questions that uncover character traits. Next we use data mining to see what sort of traits are associated with their becoming a member. You can use these new traits insight, to better direct your membership and visitor marketing, capturing more new members at less acquisition cost per member, and better target event and ticket sales.

What does it tell me I didn't already know?

Are you risking overlooking the obvious? Are you using your best marketing 'angle'?

Some traits you may already know exist, but what may not be apparent is how and in what order they link that attendee to your organisation. And what unrecognised traits might exist?

But by knowing what traits are present in people who did attend, you can take the guesswork out of new membership engagement marketing, increasing signups at lower cost per signup, and make members and their friends enthusiastic repeat attendees.

'Perceive & Predict' for Theatres

For Band 2 and 3 NPO Theatres receiving Arts Council Funding and required to carry out the Audience Finder Survey, we offer a uniquely designed AI data enhancement using your original data based on our exclusive 'Perceive & Predict' research programme. This goes far beyond the basic information provided by the Show Stats service. We uncover results that Insights and Tools reach but at far less cost, and provides vital insight into areas Insights and Tools cannot address.

Visit our Information Hub at bit.ly/MP_DOCS_HUB for an introductory brochure, detailed white paper, and a typical report.using 'Perceive & Predict'.

Next, talk to us today about our exclusive 'Perceive & Predict' programme and uncover the unseen profits in your membership, venue, and audience data.

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