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  • Our Data Stories


In the attempt to convert data into intellibility, Categories, to streamline large numbers of disparate records is one of our most useful services.

Manufacturers and service companies handling thousands of lower price orders and needing to streamline their offerings

Imagine your business is a specialist, no two client orders are ever the same. Imagine over the course of the years, there are a thousand or more hand-keyed invoices in your accounts system. As part of a business review, you want to understand what general types of work you are winning and increase marketing of more common activity types. Or instead it is necessary to streamline the business to reduce cost and increase efficiency and categorise your future quotes and invoices. With a thousand or more randomly typed invoices in the accounts system, where do you start?

This problem is found by smaller print companies, domestic services companies, bespoke crafts, accountancies, specialist manufacturers and more.

One lower end service we supply is text mining. Put simply, we take in an electronic form of all of your invoices, typically in a .csv format, and create categories, with each category grouping up a cluster of invoices that appear to have several characteristics in common. In addition, the invoices are grouped by category, and run off. For 1,000 records, around 6 - 12 categories get created, and selected by how many records appear in a category. For 10,000 records, around 12-16 categories max might be appropriate.

What we then deliver is the categorised dataset, with all the records grouped by category. 

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