• Our Data Stories

  • Our Data Stories

Descriptive Data Analysis  (Large Data Sets and Descriptive Statistics)

Are you needing to make sense of thousands of records in large Excel or PDF spreadsheets?  This data minihg service could be the answer. Our solutions are ideal for:

  • Councils
  • Political parties
  • NGOs
  • Pay rate studies
  • Retailers
  • Sports trainers (think 'Moneyball')

What are the real stories hidden inside a large dataset? The data itself could be exam or performance grades, billings over the previous year, times for service engineers to fix faults, politicians or NGOs seeking to understand changing trends. But with many rows and columns, learnings beyond simple totals and averages can be hard to visualise.

Descriptive statistics aims to summarise data in a way that is useful and provides meaning. So questions that can be more easily answered might include:

Why is average billing value seemingly higher than the invoiced work that runs through our business?

Is it true we pay our employees less per person in York than we do in Birmingham? The wage bill is higher in York.

Our training results this year seem better than last year, but is it a statistically valid improvement?

Business is similar this year to last, but is it true it has been more unpredictable?

We have 5,000 parts in stock but we don't know how many are Variant A, and how many are Variant B. How can we find out?

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